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Our CEO Merdan Erdogan summarizes all services launched in 2018

As you may recall, in the middle of 2018, we have launched our new dynamic algorithm "Octopus" based on the big data generated by the container shipping ecosystem movements.

Will the Digitalisation Take Over the Container Shipping Industry?

Understanding the Container Port Costs as a Business Strategy

Major costs in a container port are as follows; Terminal Handling Charges (THC), Cargo Dues (wharfage), Port Dues and Marine Services Dues. Understanding these costs, will allow users of container ports to make much more detailed plans in terms of the logistics planning.

August 2017 Rhythm of the Container Transportation Research is a digital platform which provides services to users in container transportation ecosystem in more than 160 countries. Container tracking and searching routes between all ports in world services are provided by an platform and the platform has been increasing its number of its users day by day.