How Can I Track My Evergreen Line Container?

How Can I Track My Evergreen Line Container?

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Let's say you have a container to send to the port of YOKOHAMA. Your container is loaded at the port of GENOA.  your shipping line is Evergreen Line. Now following questions arise inevitably ;

  1. Where is your container now?
  2. What is the date of discharge?
  3. Are there any transshipment ports during the voyage?
  4. What is the date of loading and discharging ports of transhipments?
  5. What is the name of the vessel that your container is being carried?
  6. When is your container going to gate out from YOKOHAMA?
  7. Will Evergreen Line keep its promise about declared transit times and estimated time of arrival?

We are well aware that answering those questions is like a nightmare especially if you have let's say 30 containers to follow. That's why we have developed ShipsGo Online Tracking. 

Evergreen Online Container Tracking
ShipsGo provides online container tracking for more than 60 shipping lines. Hundreds of people use the tracking tool every day and  Evergreen Line is one of the most popular shipping lines that ShipsGo users want to track its container. Because using online tracking is really easy. Just enter your container number or master bill of lading number and e-mail address to the ShipsGo tracking tool and then you are going to receive a notification mail (see Figure 1).  Thanks to this mail you will also be able to reach the live location of your container on a map! The mail contains;

  • The name of the loading, discharging and transshipment ports 
  • The name of the shipping line your container is carried by and the vessel your container carried on
  • The gate out date and the date of loading and discharging at ports 
  • The total transit times 
  • Delay days of your shipments.

Figure 1. An example of the mail format you are going to reach after sending tracking request to us

When you have a ShipsGo tracking account you can reach information about your shipment anytime, send new tracking requests easily and collect statistics about your shipments day-to-day. Try ShipsGo online tracking for free today and escape the nightmare of questions. Wish to see you soon.


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