What does Request Status and Sailing Status mean?

What does Request Status and Sailing Status mean?

After you sent a tracking request to the ShispGo system you get a notification mail that clarifies the "situation" of your container. This "situation" can be (1) Active, (2) Passive, (3) In progress or (4) Untracked. We name these containers' situations as request statuses. The meanings of the request statuses as follows.

1.Active         : The container has been discharged on the discharging port.
2.Passive       : The container is on board (between pol and pod) or waiting at the loading port.
3.Inprogress   : There is a lack of information due to the shipping line. 
4.Untracked   : It is not possible to track the container because the shipping line responsible for carrying the container has no online tracking service.

If your container requested status is "Passive" or "In progress"  then it means that we can provide you sailing information as long as the carrier does. In this manner, we have three sailing status. The meaning of the sailing status as follows.
1. Booked     : The container is waiting at the port of loading or the shipping line hasn't released any information about the container yet.
2. Sailing       : The container is on the way.
3. Discharged: The container was discharged at the port of discharge.


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