What is the pricing policy of ShipsGo?

What is the pricing policy of ShipsGo?

ShipsGo system works with credits. So to send tracking request you need to purchase credits. Every tracking request consumes your 1 credits. However, please note that we consider the upload number while calculating your credit usage. 

A quick example for "upload" calculation

Let say you have 1 master bill of lading(Mbl). This Mbl contains 10 containers and you want to track it. When you send it to us this is counted as 1 credit. On the other hand, if you send 1 container tracking request by container number it also 1 credit. Because our system recognizes both of these tracking requests as 1 upload and only consume your 1 credit. So we recommend uploading by Mbl if it is possible.

You pay for per credit and cost per credits changes according to the volume you purchase. You can use your credits as much as and whenever you want. There is no time limit for consuming. Here is the price list for per credit. 

0-499 = 1 usd per mbl ( master bill of lading )
500 - 999 = 0.95 usd
1000-1999 =0.90 usd
2000-3999 = 0.85 usd
4000 - 7999 = 0.80 usd
8000 + Contact Us

Please visit the link below for price calculator and you can see how much you save when you higher the volume:



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