What is the pricing policy of ShipsGo?

What is the pricing policy of ShipsGo?


ShipsGo tracking tools work by credits. So, when you would like to track your containers. you need to purchase credits. However, there is no time limit for using your credits such as a week, month or year. You can use your credits whenever you want. Besides, the price per credits are changeable depends on your volume;

Here is the price list according to volume:

0-499 = 1 usd per mbl ( master bill of lading )

500 - 999 = 0.95 usd

1000-1999 =0.90 usd

2000-3999 = 0.85 usd

4000 - 7999 = 0.80 usd

8000 + Contact Us

Please visit the link below for price calculator:




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