What kind of notifications do I get when I track a container?

What kind of notifications do I get when I track a container?

After sending a tracking request, ShipsGo sends various notifications to e-mail addresses of its users in order to keep them up-to-date about their shipments. These notification are sailing notification, delay notifications, on-time arrival notice, container release alert, and container gate out confirmation.

Sailing notification: When users send tracking request for the first time they receive a standardizing, easy to understand email which provides all information related to their shipment such as status of the shipment, the name of the port of loading, the name of the port of discharge, the name of the transhipment port/s, the arrival and departure date of the ports, the total transit time, the name of the vessel, the name of shipping line  and the live position of the vessel. ShipsGo sends this notification two times during the shipment's voyage. First, when the user requests information for his/her shipment via the tracking tool for the first time and second, the day in which the vessel arrives port of discharge. 

Delay notification: After the voyage of the shipment is completed ShipsGo sends an e-mail to its users which says how many days their shipment delayed. The name of this mail is delay notification.

ShipsGo calculates delay as follow;

We record the estimated time of arrival(ETA) which shipping line declares officially then compares it to the actual time of arrival(ATA). The difference between ATA and ETA is the delay.

On-time arrival notice: If the differences between first ETA and ATA are zero then it means the shipment arrived at the destination port on time. Then, ShipsGo reports this to its user by mail and the name of this mail is “on-time arrival notice.”

Container release alert: After a container is discharged at the port of discharge then it should be released from the port at a specific period of time by the responsible party. Otherwise, the party who is responsible for the organizing of land transportation had to pay extra fees to the port or the shipping line. If the container hasn't released from the ports,  ShipsGo sends its users a container release alert and reminds them that the container hasn’t gated out from the port of discharge yet.

Container gate out confirmation: ShipsGo records the gate out dates which are officially declared by the shipping line. When the gate out date ripe ShipsGo reminds its user that his/her container is released from the discharging port. The name of this reminder is container gate out confirmation.

If a ShipsGo user would like to send these notifications to the party who is a part of the voyage it is also possible. The only thing they should do is to add emails addressed of these parties to their tracking request. In this way, the system sends emails to all parties. The user's main e-mail will be in the "to" section and the rest of them will be in the "bcc" section.

Last but not least, It is also possible to make e-mail customization to send all notifications via a server and from your related e-mail address. ( it takes approximately 5 minutes to set it on your dashboard ).


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