Our CEO Merdan Erdogan summarizes all services launched in 2018

As you may recall, in the middle of 2018, we have launched our new dynamic algorithm "Octopus" based on the big data generated by the container shipping ecosystem movements.

ShipsGo Welcomes 2019 with the New Services…

As you may recall, in the middle of 2018, we have launched our new dynamic algorithm "Octopus" based on the big data generated by the container shipping ecosystem movements. Since then, thanks to our unique algorithm, we have started to introduce our new services to provide cost optimization, fewer transshipments and shorter transit times for all our customers. We are delighted to serve to Freight Forwarders, Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) and Shipping Lines in a single platform with the philosophy of adding values.

Let me introduce our new and innovative services that were presented in 2018 by our ShipsGo team.

“Shipment Delay alert” is a service that sends a message if any container faces a delay in its journey. This service is top-rated among our BCO and freight forwarder customers. Freight forwarders can power their service quality by informing their customer's thanks to “delay alert” service.

“Release alert” and “gate out notification” are the other innovative services that our customers benefit. ShipsGo users get a message if their container is not released from the port within the five days. In addition to that, they receive “Gate Out" dates of their discharged containers. By this service, our users avoid the unnecessary and unexpected costs such as detention and demurrage fee which arising from lack of information about their container positions.

ShipsGo is the first digital container shipping platform to launch “unique routes.” With the introduction of “unique routes service, ShipsGo customers can now search within seconds the one and only “direct and the shortest route” given by a carrier in any specific port-to-port container transportation. Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO) can easily find direct, and the shortest routes and can improve their container transportation service. This service allows them to decrease transit times and has a positive impact directly on transportation costs. Freight forwarders, using this service, can enhance their service quality by offering alternative services to their customers. On the other hand, it is an essential tool for shipping lines to compare their services with the competitors and manage their sales strategy while using that dynamic product.

Thanks to our “live container tracking map” service, our customers submit their containers and monitor their shipments real-time positions in an integrated live map. They also get intelligent tracking alerts giving the detailed information of the container journey from port-to-port. This service also can be embedded into the website of our Freight Forwarder customers by API technology. Freight Forwarders are able to show real-time position of shipments to their customers on their company website. So, they can improve their digitization in their services. 

"Route Performance Report" has been launched in the 3rd quarter of 2018. ShipsGo is monitoring carrier services regarding service type, transit time, frequency, on time reliability... The report is comparing transit time performance of the shipment and giving a score. ShipsGo Customers are getting this report at the end of the voyage of their cargo. They can easily have an idea about the performance of carrier and would be able also to see better carrier options if available.

ShipsGo has launched Online “Ocean Freight Quote Module” as part of its digitization drive to ensure ease of doing business in container transport business. This online tool, launched globally, will make it easier and faster to get freight quotes for BCOs (Beneficial Cargo Owners) from reliable ShipsGo partners. On the other hand, Ocean Freight Quote Module will allow both Freight Forwarders and Carriers to reach new customers. We are pleased to announce this new service for our broad ecosystem including BCOs, Freight Forwarders, and Carriers. Our free container service finder module has been already giving transit times and transshipments for each carrier in all global container routes with over 97 % accuracy. In addition to that, we developed a new algorithm in each route to match our reliable partners (freight forwarders and carriers) with the potential customers to offer best freight quotes which align with our philosophy of “Ship Together Go Better."

Thousands of routes are being searched in a day in our service finder by our users from over 160+ countries. This data are being compiled by our unique algorithm and serviced as the “route trends.” ShipsGo users can analyze and compare the most popular routes very easily. On the other hand, “carrier trends” list the tracking performance of the shipping lines on ShipsGo platform. This tool allows ocean carriers to follow the competitors and manage the sales strategy. 

Services of our unique algorithm are just a beginning. Our team has been working every day to develop it for the contribution to the shipping industry. I want you to invite ShipsGo platform to search your routes, track your shipments, find partners and feel lucky.

Our mission is to provide cost optimizations in the container transportation sector and to make a contribution to the future of the World; fewer transshipments, shorter transit times, less problem.

As ShipsGo Team, we wish you a happy new year!


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