What are your API's responses?

In order to get data from ShipsGo, initially, you should send data to our system by using the POST function of our API. After the post, your request should reach us successfully. Then you can pull the container tracking data by GET function of the API. If your data reach us successfully then you reach a Request ID. These IDs are unique for your every tracking request and it differs shipment to shipment. A most important function of this ID is that when you get this ID you already will be sure that your POST is successfully reached us. It is a confirmation message from the ShipsGo, so to speak.

Example of Successful Response ID 1-534567

However, if you get the following responses instead it means that your POST is failed. 

Failed responses:

1-The Field (Code) Value (test1234) Is Not In Valid Format, It Must Be 4 Chars Followed By 7 Numbers EX. AAAA1234567

2-The Field (Code) Value (EGHU9483781) Is Not Valid. The container number can be (EGHU948378-8)

3-The Carrier Field Is Required.

4-The Entered Value (support@gmaıl.com) In Field (Email) Is Not A Valid Email Address

5-No Active Subscription Or It Is Expire

If you got these message please follow the instructions and try again until you get Request ID. 

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