Shipping Lines’s Ocean Schedules are not Reliable..

Apr 11, 2019


Shipping Lines’s schedules are not reliable. According to the SeaIntelligence, on-time arrivals ranged from 65 to 76 percent in the first nine months of 2018. It is evident that, as a forwarder or BCO, visibility of your carrier(s) is an essential thing for your logistics operational efficiency. As one shipper told the Journal of Commerce Magazine “supply chains are frequently built around the container transport portion,” and “delays impact relationships with suppliers and customers.” Inaccurate ETAs and a lack of visibility also hinder production lines or create discounting woes for apparel shippers whose goods might be delayed past a promotional season.


ShipsGo after each shipment, informs you concerning the performance of your carrier and suggests you (if any) another carrier having shorter transit time. Make your shipments visible..