TeuSmile 101

Apr 22, 2021

It is a New Era for the Logistics Industry: Meet the TeuSmile Freight Forwarder Network 

TeuSmile is a new network platform for all freight forwarders around the globe. TeuSmile is a new initiative powered by ShipsGo. So, it can be called a newborn but fully experienced game-changer for the logistics sector. TeuSmile network platform allows you to meet new freight forwarder partners and expand your business boundaries. Allowing you to be a part of the digital world for your logistics businesses and grow them in a more effortless, cost-effective, and innovative way is the primary goal of this initiative. Let’s dive into the vast world of TeuSmile to explore more...


Why TeuSmile Freight Forwarder Network is Important in Global Logistics?

TeuSmile organizes and displays the logistics industry data to help the users make accurate decisions and grow their business rapidly with less cost. The accuracy of the information is our top priority, so live container tracking data and ocean/sea routes of the vessels are provided from the ShipsGo system, which has proven to be reliable by our users.


TeuSmile 101

Now that you have a general knowledge about the TeuSmile network, you can consider the rest of the blog post as TeuSmile 101. Let’s start with the first step, which is signing up for your freight forwarding company to make it visible to each platform member. After adding the necessary information to your profile and personalize it, you are ready to go!

“Don’t forget that if you already have a ShipsGo account, your company information will be transferred from your ShipsGo account to TeuSmile profile.”





Your company will be displayed on the ShipsGo ocean route finder page with a TeuSmile icon on the right side. In this way, users will understand that you are one of the network members. Meaning that when people search an ocean route that your company provide logistics services, you will be shown at the top of the page and listed amongst the other providers in the network based on your volume. The network members are listed above freight forwarders who haven’t joined the TeuSmile freight forwarder network. Freight forwarders align amongst each other based on their volumes- according to the total amount of searched trackings-. Thus, we can say that all freight forwarders and cargo owners will become aware of your company services and contact you easily. 

TeuSmile members can share their company information - the number of active routes, carriers they work with, amount of TEU’s, coverage and ShipsGo lifetime-  with the potential logistics partners. So you can find the perfect logistics partner by filter your searches accordingly. 


For our digital logistics network members to reduce their costs and utilize their time, we are providing TeuSmile analytic data. That means you will receive automatic reports and notifications such as; on-time arrival, delayed shipments, unreleased containers and gate-out notifications. Also, you will be able to serve your customers the real-time shipment position by the live tracking map powered by ShipsGo. Furthermore, you can get the live map searching results statistics when you integrated the live tracking map into your website. This service will increase container transport visibility and supply chain transparency.





Customized Payments in TeuSmile Freight Forwarder Platform

Last but not least, TeuSmile digital freight forwarder network requires an annual fee. After subscription, you will receive free container tracking credits as well. If you already have a ShipsGo account, the membership fee will be customized based on your volume at your tracking account.


Current TeuSmile Ocean Freight Forwarding Companies;

Origin Logistics



Midas Global Logistics

Kıta Logistics

Mira Transport

Evolog Logistics

Combined Freight International

Giritli Global

PAL Freight



HM Global Projects

Atako Transport Shipping Inc.

Merkont Logistics

ATF Forwarding Inc.

MTS Logistics

Es International Worldwide Logistics Services


Ekol Logistics

Merden Logistics

Bestlog Logistics

Monax Global Logistics

Anko Anadolu Container

Intransia (TR)

Intransia (USA)

Ida Freight Forwarding