Turkish Soap and Personal Care Products Exporter Evyap Uses ShipsGo Container Tracking Module


Evyap performs an essential part of the bar soap and personal care product exports of Turkey and transports its name to more than 100 countries. Evyap has been manufacturing in 3 different countries compatible with European standards and besides it has built the world's one of the biggest Oleochemistry Plant in Malaysia. With more than 3,000 employees, Evyap is one of the top 100 industrial corporations of Turkey and makes "contracted manufacturing" with the world's leading brands.


Approach: ShipsGo BCO Package


Evyap logistics team needs the details of every shipment information such as the name of the port of loading and discharging; date of loading; name and dates of transit ports and total transit time. They used to get that information from their freight forwarders by phone calls and had problems in reaching accurate information. After using, ShipsGo container tracking service, they no longer need to have exhausting calls with forwarders to receive the information. The team, now, follow the location of their cargo by using an interactive map and dashboard.



Only in 3 months, there has been a decrease in the time and human effort required to track a container. In addition to decreasing phone calls and mail traffics thanks to the ShipsGo notification e-mails; Evyap could avoid the unaccepted costs like dispatch, demurrage, and the customer loses. ShipsGo delay notification e-mails also affected carrier decision of Evyap for their next shipments. If a carrier doesn't discharge your container at the promised date, why should you choose that carrier again, should you?


ShipsGo shipment statistics also provide benefits to Evyap. After tracking their container, Evyap shipments directly turned out monthly, and annual statistics report the basis of TEU, carriers, export, and import countries. They could see how many containers en route or arrive on time. Besides, Evyap directly receives the reports of number of containers carried in last months and what is the proportion of each carrier in their shipment. Before ShipsGo, they couldn't keep such kind of statistics or were trying to keep manually.



Outcomes:  Measurable and Solid Outcomes


●    Location of their shipment on a live map

●    Get rid of using freight forwarders for container tracking

●    Avoid unaccepted costs such as demurrage, dispatch and customer lose

●    Assistance for carrier choosing decision

●    Minimizing time and human effort for tracking a container

●    Getting shipment statistics reports which  they couldn't have





ShipsGo is secure in terms of personnel and company information privacy.

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ShipsGo looks modern.

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ShipsGo increased our work motivation and synergy.

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ShipsGo is an innovative application.

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ShipsGo decreased the amount of time we need for creating reports of our shipments.

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ShipsGo is budget friendly.

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ShipsGo has a positive effect on our customer satisfaction.

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ShipsGo reduced efforts for container tracking.

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Minimizing time and human effort for tracking a container.

Decreasingphone calls and mail traffics with freight forwarders.

Locationof their shipment on a live map.

Avoid unaccepted costs such as  demurrage, dispatch and customer lose