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Container Port Closed in Ningbo

The Meishan terminal of China's Ningbo-Zhoushan port, the world's third busiest port, was closed.

Explosion in the Port of Jebel Ali

On Wednesday, July 7, a destructive explosion occurred in the Port of Jebel Ali, one of the world's most famous ports. Docked container ship in Jebel Ali Port caught fire and turned the night into the morning.

Gas Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

The gas pipeline controlled by the Mexican oil company Pamex, has caught on fire in the Gulf of Mexico because of the leaking. The fire burned for more than five hours before it was extinguished!

TeuSmile 101

TeuSmile organizes and displays the logistics industry data to help the users make accurate decisions and grow their business rapidly with less cost. The accuracy of the information is our top priority, so live container tracking data and ocean/sea routes of the vessels are provided from the ShipsGo system, which has proven to be reliable by our users.

What is the approach of ShipsGo to the Suez Canal accident?

In the previous days, an accident that could seriously damage the world economy occurred in the Suez Canal which is one of the busiest points of the world's maritime traffic. ShipsGo has been diligently investigating and gathering information about the accident from the very first minutes. In addition to closely monitoring the event by all teams in ShipsGo, our operations team with more than 20 members; aimed to check and inform our customers about the vessels and containers affected in the accident. The operations team has checked the container and vessel status many times manually as well as robot technology developed by the ShipsGo IT team.

Why you should have ShipsGo container tracking service?

Everybody wants to know what they are paying for exactly, what they are going to receive in exchange for their money? Is it worth paying? Or, is it worth spending a certain amount of time? In this article, we aimed to let no question and hesitation in the air. Inspired by all the problems and uncertainties that all parties encountered or may encounter in the maritime transportation sector, we have created solutions that can be an answer to all.

What ShipsGo offers with container tracking API service?

ShipsGo container tracking application programming interface (API) allows you to integrate your website or enterprise system with ShipsGo container tracking request functionality and even more. Briefly, you will receive valuable and detailed information about container status to serve your customers and enhance your company's logistics functions by using the ShipsGo database.

Beyond the Container Shipping Visibility: How ShipsGo Reacted to Beirut Explosion

Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO) demand more information on container transport visibility if you compared a decade ago. In the era of just-in-time delivery industry; information and real-time tracking data are critical. Demand from the cargo owners forces the freight forwarders to give that service at a high-quality level. Informing the customers in terms of ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), delays, and BL (Bill of Lading) split in transhipment ports are critical.

How Easy to use API: Transformation from EDI to API

EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) is known as a technological infrastructure designed to perform all the information flows in the business workflows safely and quickly. This technology, which came up in the 1990s, is also an essential element of the shipping industry. However, with the advent of digitalization and cloud technology, the disadvantages of this system have become more evident.

How Can BCOs Benefit from ShipsGo Platform?

An exporter usually operates as a producer or intermediary, which needs efficient management of both inbound and outbound logistics activities in an integrated approach. For example, the exporter engaged in production with import-based inputs should accurately forecast the transit times of inputs supplied from abroad to make production planning accordingly. With the forecasting, delays due to long transit times,

5 things every company should know about cybersecurity

In the beginning, these cyber attacks made with a sense of action and self-satisfaction, unfortunately it is a profitable bonanza and becomes a sector quickly now. As the ransom obtained from the cyber attacks increases, the new cyber attacks are fired and it is obvious that this type of cyber attacks will be repeated over and over again.

Unexpected Shipment Delays

“Back in the 1990s when carriers had the on-time performance at the 90-plus percent levels, we could carry smaller amounts of inventory,” a Hong Kong-based logistics manager for a global sporting brand told Journal of Commerce Magazine in late October 2018. “Right now, we

The Costs of Goods in Transit (In-Transit Inventory) in Container Shipping

Goods in transit refer to merchandise and other inventory items that have been shipped by the seller but have not yet been received by the buyer. Let’s take the shipping journey from Guanta to Los Angeles ( It takes 30 days appro..

Inventory Carrying Cost

Opportunity Cost (Capital Cost): The opportunity cost of holding inventory. This should be based on the company’s cost of capital (mainly libor based ( using the following formula; Cost of Capital x Average Net Value of Inventory

Value of the Cargo & Share of the Container Transport Freight

The value of the cargo in a container is the most critical variable for logisticians to understand and manage the logistics costs of the company. If you deliver your good as FOB (Free on Board), you do not need to focus on the issues that we are going to discuss. If you use CIF (Cost Insurance Freight), read what we offer to you.

How do I get rid of high demurrage costs?

Demurrage cost is levied to the BCO (Shipper) in cases where they do not take the container out of the port/terminal area for unpacking within the allowed free time. Although Demurrage fee is designed to discourage use of terminals for long-term storage, and to improve equipment utilization..

Shipping Lines’s Ocean Schedules are not Reliable..

Shipping Lines’s schedules are not reliable. According to the SeaIntelligence, on-time arrivals ranged from 65 to 76 percent in the first nine months of 2018. It is evident that, as a forwarder or BCO, visibility of your carrier(s) is an essential thing for your logistics operational efficiency.

Understanding the Container Port Costs as a Business Strategy

Major costs in a container port are as follows; Terminal Handling Charges (THC), Cargo Dues (wharfage), Port Dues and Marine Services Dues. Understanding these costs, will allow users of container ports to make much more detailed plans in terms of the logistics planning. In this essay, we will try to understand the components of container port costs.