Container Tracking

Reach live position of your shipment.

Easiest Way of Tracking

All you need for the shipment tracking at one tool/place/..

Get intelligent tracking notifications and alerts, stay up-to-date about your shipments.

Live Position

Reach the live position of your shipments with satellite system without any physical device.


Automatically track your shipments with API and show their shipments to your customers on your website.


Manage your shipments on all in one dashboard. Get valuable statistics and intelligent reports about them.

Explore Tracking Features

Save your time, reduce the cost, increase productivity and Grow With ShipsGo.
Intelligent way to keep track

Receive the voyage information, live position of your shipment, various notifications like on-time arrival notice, sailing and delay notifications and more.

Voyage Summary

Track every update about your shipment from booking stage to empty return of containers.

Inform All Parties

Automatically inform all parties like exporter, importer, freight forwarder agent, custom brokers etc.

Notifications Infographic
Live Position Infographic
Instant live positioning

Discover the container location with ShipsGo Live Position feature. Send us the tracking request and let us do the all data gathering for displaying the shipment position on the world map.

Locate Fast

The live position will be received a few minutes after the tracking request is submitted.

Voyage Details

Past and future movements, transit times, and delays of the shipment will be seen.

Stay on track, stay up to date

You can perform this whole process automatically with the API and show their shipments to your customers on your website.

API Integration

You can quickly perform all communication over the simple REST API, check the Documentation.

Integrated Live Map

Show their shipments to your customers on your website. Provides visibility for customers and fewer calls or emails to operation team.

Integration Infographic
Dashboard Preview
All shipments at one place

Monitor and visualize your shipsments on one easy to use, real-time dashboard. Download customized reports, create sub-accounts for your employees or clients, access statistical data of your shipments, and many more features from just one dashboard.

Ease of Use

A lineup that clears up confusion, a dashboard that instantly performs any wanted action

Statistics and Reports

Statistics and special reports are prepared with the data you allow us to collect.

Share with Sub-accounts

Your company customers and branch offices can also use the dashboard as a sub-account.

70+ Shipping Lines

ShipsGo Provides Smart Tracking Solutions for 70+ Shipping Lines.


You can track your each shipment by a single credit, includes all features & unlimited notifications.

Get start now with 5 FREE CREDITS.

For your purchases over 500 credits, you will get a bonus as the amount you want to buy increases.
* There is no expiration date for the credits.
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BUY 500 credits & GET 50 FREE CREDITS
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Tracked Shipments


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Don't hesitate to contact with us for your questions that you can't find the answer.

You go to ShipsGo Homepage and select the Carrier of the Shipment. Then, enter your Container, Booking, or BL Number and click the Track Shipment button. You should create an Account and Get Notification about your shipment easily!

Yes, we provide API. You can find all the details about API here.

If you need technical support or more information related to API integration, please feel free to contact us.

ShipsGo system works with credits. Every tracking request (uploading a shipment to ShipsGo once) consumes your 1 credit. Then, you will have unlimited queries for uploaded shipments, and it won't spend your credits.

You can track your shipment with the container number, the master bill of lading number(B/L), or the booking number. Regardless of how many containers your B/L has, when you track with a B/L number, only 1 credit will be consumed.

There is no expiration date for your credits. Cost per credit (CPC) changes according to the volume you purchase. Since you will get bonus credits as your purchasing volume increases, your CPC will decrease.

You can calculate your CPC and total cost by using our Calculator. 

ShipsGo provides container tracking support for 90+ shipping lines. You can see all the carriers we provide tracking support to by clicking the link below.

The Carrier list is here 👈

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