Unfortunately. Only master bill of lading, booking number, or container number are accepted for starting the tracking. 

The house bill of lading number is the seaway transportation documents’ number issued by freight forwarders for their clients. So no voyage data can be found when the triggers are made at the shipping line website when doing the query with the house bill of lading number.

ShipsGo provides container tracking support for 100+ shipping lines. You can see all the carriers we provide tracking support by clicking the link below.

The Carrier list is here 👈

You go to ShipsGo Homepage and select the Carrier of the Shipment. Then, enter your Container, Booking, or BL Number and click the Track Shipment button. You should Create an Account and Get Notification about your shipment easily!

Most of the shipping lines formed their master bill of lading numbers as SCAC + master bill of lading number. If your bill of lading number does not follow this format it may be a house bill of lading number and not the master.

Yes, ShipsGo tracks the refrigerated containers too. It's enough for the system that the user has the container number. As long as ShipsGo has the container number and the carrier gives the voyage data of it ShipsGo track refrigerated container as well

You can try our container tracking system with the five credits we give you free of charge after registration. You will have five free trial credits for tracking when you create your account. Once you consume your free credits, you will need to purchase more to continue using our tracking service.

Yes. Thanks to our Live Map feature, you can see the vessel that your container is carried on. Using Live Map, you can access information about loading and discharging ports, the vessel's arrival date, the shipping line, and the vessel name. You can also integrate our Live Map to your website, and your clients can track their shipments directly through your website.

Shipment Reference is your reference that you can enter any information and will help you understand which shipments you are working on.

You are free to use numbers, letters, or combinations of both. Type anything you want but please be sure that you are not exceeding 200 characters. 

Shipment Reference is also the title of your notification e-mails that you are going to receive from the ShipsGo system.

Some examples; Track1, Shipment35, ShipsGoTrack1875, 6756799, etc.

The First ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is the first planned arrival date our system obtained from the shipping lines’ database. The deviation between the first ETA and the Actual Arrival Date gives the number of days that the container arrived early or delayed.

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes because the shipping line tracking system is unavailable, or container number/ BL number information might be wrong. Please check and try again.

If a shipping line does not provide information about your shipment, the shipment is not trackable. So, we will send notification e-mails by labeling the container as “Untracked” which indicates that tracking this container is not possible. 

In this case, you should contact your carrier by phone or e-mail.

Yes, you can track your container with Container Number, Booking Number, or Master BL Number. However, you need to have a ShipsGo account for this service. You can create it for free here.

Our Dashboard Guideline briefly explains how to track your shipments with Master BL Number.

After sending a tracking request, you will receive various notifications from ShipsGo to the e-mail addresses of your choice to keep you or your clients up-to-date about shipments. 

These notifications are; sailing notification, delay notifications, on-time arrival notice, container release alert, and container gate out confirmation.

You will receive notification e-mails containing: 

  • The name of the loading, discharging, and transshipment ports,
  • The name of the shipping line, the vessel names,
  • The dates of loading, discharging, and gate-out,
  • The total transit time,
  • Delay days of your shipment.

​These notification emails will also contain a link that will show you the actual live location of your container on a map.

You can track more than one container at once using the Upload Excel or API Integration methods. You need to create a FREE account. You can use the API method with your 5 free credits. See full details about our API here. You can try the Upload Excel method when you upgrade your account after consuming 5 free credits; our dashboard guidelines will help you


There is no time limit to your trial period. You will have 5 free trial credits for tracking when you create your account. Once you consume these, you will need to purchase more credits to continue using our tracking service.


Some users are worried about their credits when they track with a Bill of Lading Number because most of the time B/L contains more than one container. 

Here is the rule: 1 tracking is equal to 1 credit. 

Please do not worry because regardless of how many containers your B/L has, when you track with a B/L number, only 1 credit will be consumed.

ShipsGo system works with credits. Every tracking request (uploading a shipment to ShipsGo once) consumes your 1 credit. Then, you will have unlimited queries for uploaded shipments, and it won't spend your credits.

You can track your shipment with the container number, the master bill of lading number(B/L), or the booking number. Regardless of how many containers your B/L has, when you track with a B/L number, only 1 credit will be consumed.

There is no expiration date for your credits. Cost per credit (CPC) changes according to the volume you purchase. Since you will get bonus credits as your purchasing volume increases, your CPC will decrease.

You can calculate your CPC and total cost by using our Calculator


ShipsGo uses a 3D Secure system

3D Secure protects you against unauthorized online transactions as you will be required to enter a one-time password that will be sent to your mobile number and email address before you can complete the online transaction. 

This additional authorization step ensures that only you, as the cardholder, will have the password required to complete the transaction.

You can use Visa and Master Cards and wire transfer methods for purchases from our system. It is a pre-paid service.

Please note that AMEX cards are not acceptable for now.

Please feel free to write to us from Live Chat or if you need further assistance.


ShipsGo API provides the current situation of the shipment, so the historical data is not available for now. However, with ShipsGo Analytics, our users can reach comparative performative statistics according to their historical data combined with the ShipsGo database.

There is no extra cost for API calls, integration, and technical support for API.

Our service works with credits. No matter if you track with a container number or BL number you need 1 credit for each track. This 1 credit includes all notifications, live map searches, and API calls until the end of the voyage. You can discover our API service here.

Of course, you can.

It is enough to create a GET function with API and add "&mapPoint=true" at the end of the request URL. Then you will see the vessel's coordinates.

No, there is no limitation for posting tracking requests; or making a call for getting voyage data. Your API calls limit is only restricted to the credit amount in your accounts. You can discover our API service here.

After creating your account, you are going to have an API key. You can reach it through your dashboard under the INTEGRATION section at the left sidebar. You can consider this key as a communication code between your company and ShipsGo. 

Thanks to this key, when the client sends the tracking request ShipsGo system recognizes the company name and stores the request to the company account. Then, our system sends the notification e-mail to you and your customers with your logo and e-mail address if you wish.

Besides, we use this Key to calculate the consumption of your credits as well.