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ShipsGo Launches new Interface

Global digital container transportation platform ShipsGo announces the launch of its new interface featuring a simple design that makes it faster and extremely simple to use.


The new ShipsGo design is a “one page only” interface. This “one page” is the “search & visibility” engine of ShipsGo. “Search Route” engine allows users to search for all routes by using the POL (Port of Loading) and POD (Port of Discharge) options. Users have the benefit of comparing transit times of all container carriers. Users can, also, observe the alternative ports in selected routes. Search Engine is a free service. The second engine of ShipsGo interface is the “Track Shipment” that allows the users to track their containers for the sake of visibility. One page interface has a feature of translation for all languages.


The “one page only” interface has a new “feature” titled “Grow with ShipsGo.” Grow with Shipsgo is designed to communicate the benefits of the digital platform in terms of operational efficiency and cost reduction. This tool is a simple page sharing the stories of the current customers and how to use Professional services of ShipsGo platform.