About Us

Shipsgo.com is a global container shipping platform which developed by CNTR Inc. The company is officially launched on 11th March 2016 in Izmir – Turkey. Shipsgo history starts with a simple question," who has container service to Tanzania?"  Three friends started up and launched www.kimgider.com in May 2010. Then they decided to launch a global web portal and launched moggom.com in 2012. 

In 2014 April, Merdan Erdogan ( CEO - founder ) launched followmycontainer.com and he meets with his University professor, Prof. Okan Tuna ( Founder ) in Istanbul in October 2014. Then they start running together. They launched cntracking.com in April 2015. In August 2017, Merdan Erdogan joined cntracking.com full time and they developed ShipsGo. 


ShipsGo's Mission Statement

Organize the container shipping industry's information through our own algorithms ​and make it universally accessible and useful to all parties in container shipping industry.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop new services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible in container shipping industry.


ShipsGo's Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide global platform access for people to search routes, find partners and organize shipments together in container shipping industry.



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