OOCL Container Tracking

Track your OOCL shipments easily with Container, Booking or BL Number.

How can I Track my OOCL Shipment?

ShipsGo container tracking system allows you to access all of your OOCL shipment statuses. Track all OOCL containers in 3 steps and manage all of your shipments in one dashboard.

  1. Enter your Container, Booking or BL Number
  2. Click the Track Shipment button
  3. Create an Account and Get Notification About your OOCL Shipment
Track Your OOCL Shipment

OOCL Tracking with ShipsGo

ShipsGo is a container tracking service that offers a comprehensive view of all your OOCL shipments in one place. With our advanced tracking system, you can easily locate your OOCL containers live on a map and receive up-to-date information on their status. ShipsGo also contributes to reducing demurrage costs by sending you shipment release alerts, delay notifications, ETS/ETA information, and transshipment changes.

Benefits of OOCL Tracking

As ShipsGo, we can provide the information listed below;

  • Container Real-Time Position
  • Alert Notifications for Changes on ETS / ETA, Transshipment, etc
  • Release Alerts to Prevent Demurrage Costs
  • Container Gate-out Notification
  • Dashboard Management
  • Voyage Summary Information
  • Customizable Excel Reports
  • API Integration to Your Related Interfaces

About OOCL Container Tracking

ShipsGo offers an effortless and fast way to monitor your OOCL shipments. Simply entering the Master Bill of Lading(MBL)/booking or container number is enough to start the journey. Leverage the full potential of OOCL container tracking with ShipsGo and ensure that you are always in control of your supply chain.

OOCL stands for Orient Overseas Container Line. The China-based rooted company serves 70 countries around the globe and aims to connect and facilitate world trade. OOCL offers around 78 weekly services around the world. OOCL serves customers with global sourcing and supply chain management needs. The group creates value in the sector with its completely innovative and international logistics services.

  • Ships: 79
  • TEU: 21,413
  • Headquarter: Hong Kong

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FAQ's About OOCL Tracking

Don't hesitate to contact with us for your questions that you can't find the answer.

Once you have your BL, booking, or container number, enter it into the related section on the ShipsGo OOCL tracking page (or directly on theShipsGo homepage). After you complete registering, you'll be able to see the current status of your OOCL shipment.

After sending a tracking request, you will receive various tracking notifications from ShipsGo. These notifications are; sailing notifications, delay notifications, on-time arrival notices, container release alerts, and container gate out confirmations.

Yes. Thanks to our Live Map feature, you can see the vessel that your container is carried on. Using Live Map, you can access information about loading and discharging ports, the vessel's arrival date, the shipping line, and the vessel name. You can also integrate our Live Map to your website, and your clients can track their shipments directly through your website.

Your shipment may be delayed due to port problems, mechanical problems, or some environmental factors. You can use the ShipsGo tracking service to get information about the status of your shipments and to find out where and in what condition.

A Bill of Lading number is issued by a shipping line. It is used for container tracking and is important information. You can track your shipment by entering this information on the ShipsGo container tracking page.

Latest OOCL Shipments

Total Transit Time
Flag of Turkiye
Flag of United States (USA)
20 Days Direct
Flag of Japan
Flag of Australia
28 Days 1 Transit
Flag of China
Flag of United States (USA)
15 Days Direct
Flag of Turkiye
Flag of United Kingdom
10 Days Direct
Flag of Australia
Flag of Japan
19 Days Direct

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